Monica Bertei British Actress and Voice-Over Artist

British Actress and Voice-Over Artist


32 Red Casino, 'Welcome to WOW'

Role: The Boss
Production Company: MTP
Director: Simon Levene

Wowcher, 'Gift Of Giving'

Role: Helen
Production Company: Hoot Comedy
Directors: James Rawlings & Ben Bond

LA 7, 'Christmas Idents'

Role: Cousin
Agency: Red Bee Media
Director: Amy Johnson

Kinder Maxi

Role: Woman on Train (Lead)
Production Company: Les Producers
Director: Barney Cokeliss

Burger King, 'The Three Musketeers'

Director: Matt Carter
Role: Waitress

Burger King, 'Trouser'

Director: Alex Turner

Burger King, 'Heavy'

Director: Ian Macdonald


Spank Films
Karen Cunningham
Role: Hattie

The Environmental Agency 'Fishing Rod License'

Director: John O'Driscoll
Role: Girlfriend

PC World, 'Toshiba Wireless Laptop'

Director: Morgan Hutchins

PC World, Samsung 19

Director: Morgan Hutchins
Role: Customer